Ever noticed how your creativity is maximized in nature?  This time we are taking the work of connecting our spiritual self and business brilliance to the southern region of British Columbia. 

I believe that an entrepreneur impassioned to solve a problem is

a force to be reckoned with.

I work with entrepreneur-minded individuals to get crystal clear on their vision for an exceptional life, and the purpose-driven action plan to get there. This is accomplished through one-on-one coaching, as well business consulting that can range from strategy, brand, and business development and even process improvement. - Jacqueline 


The Soulful Entrepreneur Workshop, France, June 2018. Moon Cycles, Sunshine Coast, May 2018.  


Working one on one or in gatherings, learn more about coaching, faciliation, strategy, retreats and workshops. 


This is where I get to move through the discomfort of writing about myself.

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All photography provided by Britney Gill, Bree Melanson and Jacqueline Jennings