I believe that an entrepreneur impassioned to solve a problem is a force to be reckoned with.

I work with entrepreneur-minded individuals to get crystal clear on their vision for an exceptional life, and the purpose-driven action plan to get there. This is accomplished through one-on-one coaching, as well business consulting that can range from strategy, brand, and business development and even process improvement.


Nice to meet you.

I am a coach to conscious leaders.

Business Consultant. Group Facilitator.

“Jacqueline Jennings is an entrepreneur coach, start-up consultant and group facilitator commonly referred to as Biz-Witch. She is most interested in learning about how we can get more done by doing less, how we can develop our intuition and instincts like any muscle in the body, how a leaders performance is directly impacted by how much they are willing to look at how they get in their own way and how everything we need to know to evolve, survive and thrive as the human race can probably be remembered by really looking at nature.”

Working With Me



Working one-on-one, we get clear on the vision for the future and choose what we will create in the world. 

 Retreats & Workshops

Dedicated time for strategic planning, team connection, skill building and so importantly, play.


Group Facilitation

Mentorship Masterclass, Leadership Team Programming and Corporate Visioning Sessions.  


All photography provided by Britney Gill, Bree Melanson and Jacqueline Jennings