Firestarting. Figuratively. And Literally. But like, totally legal and safe.

Having spent a decade (possible several past lives too) working with industry leading companies like Aritzia and Lululemon (hint: Entrepreneurship is a core value at both) I believe that entrepreneurship is the solution to many of our societies most pressing issues.

I've had an existential crisis on a private jet and found deep joy in chopping wood in remote coastal regions. I've lost myself in koolaid pushing organizations and found myself in quiet reflection in nature. I've worked Boxing Day in retail (hell?) and laid in an emergency room unsure if I'd ever walk again. I've written goals after being brought to my knees by not choosing a path. I have pushed to finish a big client proposal as I went into labour with my son. I've been schooled in building brands and coaching leaders by the best of the best. And I have learned there isn't one formula that works for everyone. So for me vulnerability, enthusiasm, and being able to take an objective personal inventory is the starting point. Then a deep and searching GUT CHECK. Typically followed closely by some amount of swearing and laughter.

photos by Brit Gill.

photos by Brit Gill.

Intuition is the greatest business tool.

I spent over a decade looking after, supporting and enabling high-profile executives. Honestly, I had mistaken the feeling of validation for a sense of passion and fulfillment. In 2012 another umpteenth layer of the onion was shed and I was able to get to heart of the matter - my purpose. My purpose is to elevate entrepreneurs, connect them to their True North and help them play big and do good. I have developed a way of working that combines the results driven structure of a public company approach with the "fail fast" and experimentation friendly model of the startup world. And then I've added a good sprinkle of soulful heart-centricity.


Namaste. You can't hide.

Growing up, I saw how entrepreneurship can change the world.. 

At the age of 7, while tagging along with my ahead-of-the-times-fitness-hippy mother to the early subversive underground organic food co-ops in BC run out of neighbours' garages, I saw how when faced with a problem, imagination and risk-taking can make all the difference. Be it with a station-wagon full of gnarly beets and 10 pound bags of spotty apples, or with a game-changing tech startup. Now, 27 years later, my strength lies in seeing the individual strengths and unique "light" in those I work with and in getting entrepreneurs to a place of crystal clear vision, deeply rooted purpose, and specific plan of action.

We are not just one thing.

Jacqueline Jennings is an entrepreneur coach, start-up consultant and group facilitator commonly referred to as Biz-Witch. She is most interested in learning about how we can get more done by doing less, how we can develop our intuition and instincts like any muscle in the body, how a leaders performance is directly impacted by how much they are willing to look at how they get in their own way and how everything we need to know to evolve, survive and thrive as the human race can probably be remembered by really looking at nature.  Biomimicry, learning from elders, healing our boring stories, working with horses and waking up about intersectional feminist issues and decolonization are her current favourite topics of conversation. Based on the Sunshine Coast, raising a free range toddler, renovating and home and growing veggies, Jaqueline is currently working towards her vision of creating a world-class land-based retreat centre.

Jacquelineโ€™s connection to living a life inspired by a vision and fuelled by goals is infectious, so get ready to get the fire lit under your booty.
— Jessica Robson,

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