ELIM CHU, STYLIST & Consultant

"A few years ago, while I was working for Lululemon, I stood at a career crossroads. Intuitively I called Jacqueline and in a quiet corner of a busy coffee shop, she pulled out dreams and goals I had filed under "wishful". Soon after, I started my freelance business and have not looked back. There is a future I want to build and it's working with Jacqueline that I am able to see it in detail. It's with her care, wisdom and unflinching commitment to accountability that I'm moving the needle on my business year after year."


Zach berman, co-Founder - The Juice Truck

"Jacqueline Jennings is a visionary. She is a master at illuminating the visions of everyone that she works with. I’ve never met someone that’s always able to ask the exact question that you need to hear…the question that will put you smack on the path that you’ve been looking for. Meeting with Jacqueline is like a lightbulb moment…and the light will stay on for long after you’ve finished meeting. She does it all with such a genuine and nurturing sense of being that makes you feel comfortable and confident in where you need help and where you want to go. Jacqueline is a lighthouse and I’m grateful that she’s helped us grow both on a personal level and as a business.” - Zach Berman


CHLOE POPOVE, founder - My modern closet

"I didn't know business mentors like Jacqueline existed. She is a wealth of knowledge, not only for my business but in radical self-love, mindfulness, and how to use all of the tools you already have within you. She took the time to understand who I was, and where I wanted to go, and then directly applied that to her strategy when looking at My Modern Closet. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. Jacqueline radiates light and fills everyone around her with that energy." 


Bree Melanson, Soul trainer

"Jacqueline's work continues to provide pathways and inspiration for me to carry out visions that I would have never deemed possible for myself.  Her insight is invaluable and her business know-how will force you to think "big" with purpose, poise and clarity. Jacqueline is remarkable at pulling out the genius in people and helping to create clear-cut platforms for success and collective impact." 


Ryan Slater, co-founder - The Juice Truck

"Jacqueline's work profoundly changed my outlook on the path it takes to feel fulfilled. She helped create a road map and an understanding about how both personal and career achievements are a plan that you work backwards from. If it was not for her insights into imagining the perfect day years down the road, I would have never planned out the present to align with that future. As an entrepreneur, I do strongly recommend working with Jacqueline. In working with her, you will take comfort in knowing that you can always put a pen to paper in shaping what truly makes you happy."  - Ryan Slater


Christina Hirukawa, Art Consultant

"Jacqueline's skill set and expertise is unique; it transcends normative business coaching to reach out and break down barriers that hold you back from recognizing and activating yourself.

Working directly to develop my mission and vision, Jacqueline facilitated the creation of my professional roadmap, creating the pathway forward and actively shortening the timeline towards actualizing my dreams."