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Values & Vision

I work with people who know what they want, think they know what they want, or don't know where to begin. I've found that it is crucial to examine if the idea of what we think we want comes from our hearts or our heads. Sometimes, often in fact, passion and purpose are very much confused with validation and compensating for some old story we have about who we are. Once we get crystal clear on this cornerstone, creating a vision and values develop the foundation of our legacy. 

Goals & Strengths

Not your average goal-setting session. Goals can easily end up looking like a to-do list or a random assortment of good ideas. By getting clear about strengths we can set powerful goals - goals that form a cohesive path to the vision we have created for our lives. 


While I work with every client in a unique way, this is an outline of what you might expect in terms of commitment and output or practical work. This has been updated to reflect what I've observed works to create the most success for my clients. 


Clarity Session

  • For anyone feeling stuck or foggy

  • 2.5 hour video call

  • Let’s uncover blocks and barriers and chart a course for resolution

  • Connect to your purpose and passion

  • Craft 3 short term goals to get out of the rut and on your way.

  • Investment is $400

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New Clients: Full VISION & GOALs Session

  • 5-6 hour in-person session

  • Explore desired feelings + core values

  • 10 year vision

  • 5 priorities

  • Action Plan + 1 follow up call

  • Investment is $800

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New Co-Founder Clients: Full VISION & GOALs Session

  • 2 x 1 hour prep call

  • 5-6 hour in-person session

  • Explore desired feelings + core values

  • 10 year vision

  • 5 priorities

  • Action Plan + 1 group follow up call

  • Investment is $1200 (for co-founder team of 2. Additional founders add +$400 and 1 hour additional prep call)

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Ready to Launch Rockets - Entrepreneur

  • For entrepreneurs and folks getting ready to launch new concepts or products

  • It’s a 3 month commitment to clarity and growth

  • 3 x half-day in-person or video call sessions (approximately 3 hours)

  • Investment is $1900.00 (payment schedule available)

  • Prep work: worksheets and journaling

  • Session 1:

    • Clarity, Vision + Goals

    • Core Values

    • Strengths + Focus

  • Session 2:

    • Priorities + Action Items

    • Strategy + Planning

  • Session 3:

    • Follow Up, Accountability check-in calls x2

    • Update plan and materials

    • Resources, Tools & Introductions

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Co-founders & Team Alignment

  • 1 hour prep call with each founder

  • Half-day in-person or video call session with each founder (approximately 3 hours)

  • 2 x 3 hours group session

  • Conflict resolution or decision making matrix creation (as required)

  • $2800.00

  • Focus As Required:

    • Facilitation

    • Partnership Discussion

    • Mission, Vision, Values

    • Vision & Goals

    • Defined Roles

    • Critical Path & Priorities

    • Strategic Planning

    • + Follow U

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  • Team Workshops

  • Custom Training

  • Group Facilitation

  • Retreat Hosting 

  • Brand Development + Marketing Strategy

  • Day rates starting at  $1000

 Photo by Albert Law

Photo by Albert Law

 Photo courtesy of Futurpreneur

Photo courtesy of Futurpreneur