For organizations, communities or your crew. 


Mentor Masterclass

Originally designed in conjunction with Futurpreneur Canada to support communities in Northern BC to harness the wisdom of their established business community in mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. This half-day workshop is interactive and includes education and real skill building that is valuable for mentors within an organization or independent business owners.

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Team Leadership Offsite

Often the very act of getting out of the office, out of the day-to-day and carving out time for growth and that of your team is inherently valuable. We can collaborate to develop a custom program combining personal development, team connection, skill-building, health and fun. 

For leadership teams in corporations, non-profits or even a tight crew of your entrepreneur pals. 

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Vision & Goals

Get clear on where you are going as an organization. Individually and together. Whether you haven't yet set a true north or it needs so re-calibrating, I help teams get aligned with crystal clear vision and an action plan to achieve them. This can be done in an alignment session or a multi-day deep dive bringing in individual vision, strategic planning and more. 

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Chenchenstway - Sínulhkay & Ladders - Decolonization Workshops

Sínulhkay and Ladders is a life-size board game that promotes the Squamish practice of Chen chen stway (holding each other up) while working through neocolonial scenarios of oppression. Its purpose is to provide a framework for developing decolonizing practices.

Decolonizing practices are actions we can take, words we can say and ideas can we unlearn/learn to transform colonial impacts. The focus of the game is bettering Indigenous to non-Indigenous relations in professional settings, making sure we are holding each up – not sliding down the double-headed serpent, called Sínulhkay in the Squamish language.

The game board is a rhetorical tool to emphasize neocolonialism as structures we can name and reframe. Each journey is its own, let’s make brave space for renewed understandings and decolonizing practices.


Equine Guided Leadership Training

Equine facilitated personal development is a co-creation between client, human-facilitator and horse. Through experiential exercises with the horses individuals are able to explore their feelings and behaviors. We offer one-on-one sessions or small groups a full day workshops in Maple Ridge and on the Sunshine Coast. Session can include picnic lunch and field table dinner. Two day workshop include option of accommodation and meals. Weather dependent.