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Access a free coaching call to help you set the New Year off in balance, clarity and an abundance mind-set.

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  • How to harness your intuition as your best business tool

  • Expand your reach by stepping into your authentic voice + core values

  • Clear unconscious core fears of scarcity + lack

  • Tools to know when you’re on the right or wrong path

  • Q + A with Jacqueline and Bree on all things biz and soul

As leaders and entrepreneurs we get to stand in our purpose and bring all of ourselves to our work. To show up authentically and connect with your community your #1 leadership secret weapon is self-awareness. In order to create sustainable success, it’s essential be aware of our beliefs and create self-care rituals that will promote resilience and continued creativity. Simply put, you cannot deprive your soul, it is your true champion and driving force for abundance and well being.



No one ever says, “Sheesh I regret listening to my intuition.” That’s not a thing. Often when things fall apart we remember a feeling or an internal alarm bell that we ignored. Setting up rituals and routine check-ins with that intuition as a part of our work-flow is vital. We’ll be helping you to create the tools and support in doing so.

You will receive valuable tools to implement right away, supported material to keep you afloat and live group coaching.

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