Corporate Retreats on the Sunshine Coast. Facilitation and Coaching. 


Carve out the time to get down to what's important. 2019 dates are live. 

I came with a basket of worries and questions and left feeling connected with my purpose and surrounded by a loving and supportive community of bright souls. I’m so grateful and happy. My experience at the retreat is a new resource I have for recovering my focus when I start to feel afraid or limited, and I’m so excited for the future! - JM, Retreat Guest

Soulful EntrepreneuR:Ranch Edition.

  • Level 1: May 12 -17, 2019

  • LEVEL 2: May 26 - 31, 2019

Workshop in a ranch retreat setting. Come develop a new startup idea and incorporate spiritual tools to light it up. Explore the problem, the market size, experiments and testing, value proposition and connect with other entrepreneurs at the same stage and beyond. This has got you covered. 

Equine Personal Development workshops in Gibsons, British Columbia. 

EQUINE Guided Leadership

Team off-sites. One day workshop. Individual work. Equine facilitated personal development is a co-creation between client, human-facilitator and horse. Through experiential exercises with the horses individuals are able to explore their feelings and behaviours. We offer one-on-one sessions or small groups a full day workshops at Wishbone Farm in Gibsons, including picnic lunch and field table dinner. Two day workshop include option of accommodation and meals. 

Soulful Entrepreneur: French Edition

August 15 - 20, 2019

 As purpose driven leaders carving out the time to create the strategy, honing our tools and expanding our capacity is crucial to our growth. Deeply rooting in nature, learning how to listen and unplugging is going to expand that capacity infinitely. No more trial-by-fire only. We are getting intentional about aligning our souls and our businesses. En France! 



Sync your cycle for success:

Within the wheel of our hormonal cycle lies a flow of creativity, multi-tasking, and problem solving. We experience swells of confidence and physical stamina to which we can hitch a ride through a project. At other times we can ride waves of focused productivity and bring all of our attention to detail. We will explore reframing our moon cycle from a nuisance to an asset.

Image by Madison Rutledge 

Image by Madison Rutledge