We are harnessing the power of the Moon to step into alignment with our natural cycles.

Within the wheel of our hormonal cycle lies a flow of creativity, multi-tasking, and problem solving. We experience swells of confidence and physical stamina to which we can hitch a ride through a project. At other times we can ride waves of focused productivity and bring all of our attention to detail. There are points when we can crank out anthologies of written words, editing, researching and putting it all together. We will explore reframing our moon cycle from a nuisance to an asset. 

Tapping into our cycles in this way requires a deep listening to our bodies. Getting there can mean a competitive advantage in our careers, productivity, decision-making, and time management skills..

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Full moon circle + SYNC YOUR CYCLE X Saltypear: Friday July 27th, Saltspring island,BC

In collaboration with the picturesque Salty Pear BnB on Saltspring Island, I will be leading the workshop in nature followed by a feast and full moon circle. We will be gathering on the land at 6:30pm to learn and to celebrate the full-moon with bonfire and night sky-gazing. For locals, it is an easy Friday night jaunt, for off-islanders, book a bnb or bring your tent (there will be lots of spots to camp onsite). One delicious evening meal is included in your ticket. Also lots of sheep watching. Sauna and bonfire will be going until late. 


Sync your cycle x The well thursday July 12th, bowen island

The 3rd workshop in the Harlow shop, we will be incorporating a New Moon circle and ceremony to set intentions around syncing up our bodies, careers and spirit with our natural cycles. Everyone will receive a print of the Cycle Map t take home. Hormone balancing snacks by Nectar Juicery.